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Jamaliah Jamaluddin

Together, we can make a significant difference.


At the age of 26, my life changed in ways I never expected. In 2015, I received an unexpected text from Sister Yeo Bee Yin, the Damansara Utama assemblyman at the time. Intrigued, I agreed to hear his opinion. He asked me to join as a councilor in his chosen area, despite my lack of experience. Inspired by his confidence in me and my recent involvement with DAP, I decided to step up. This experience taught me the power of self-confidence, and eventually I became Bee Yin's special assistant.




Initially, I had no plans to get involved in politics. I am a quiet person and prefer to avoid attention. My parents' expectations were different: dad wanted me to succeed in business, and mom just wanted me to be happy. They do not see politics as a positive option because it is complicated and full of corruption. But, my interest in politics grew when I attended political forums with my father as a teenager. Although I am not an activist or join any organization, I actively support Pakatan and learn about injustice in Malaysia through my friends. Seeing the struggles of the less fortunate inspired me to fight for political reform.


I joined DAP and volunteered at their various events despite concerns from my family. Although my role is not very significant, I appreciate the cooperation and support of fellow volunteers. To my surprise, my family accepted my decision. As a quiet person, being a local councilor posed challenges, but the understanding residents of Zone 9 helped overcome my doubts. Helping the community made me realize the importance of fighting for better living conditions and rights. It emphasizes the need for a caring government.


At first I was skeptical, but eventually I embraced the idea of running for the state seat. Although I was worried and unsure, the encouragement from my peers and Bee Yin's guidance pushed me forward. This is an opportunity to make a meaningful difference and represent the larger community. Despite the challenges, I could not ignore the opportunity to make a difference and defeating Barisan Nasional became my top priority.


Ending racism is an issue close to my heart. Malaysia's diverse culture should be a source of strength, but corruption has ruined our reputation. Political disruption intensifies division and discrimination. Embracing cultural diversity is essential to progress. By overcoming racism, we can secure our resources and rebuild Malaysia into a united nation, free from labels and stereotypes.

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